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Wasn’t this site called Front-Free.com before?

Yes. Rap Dad represents my growth as a writer and a changed perspective on life since I first stepped into this arena over ten years ago. The site’s former name, Front-Free.com, was all about authenticity and that’s not something I plan to lose, but Rap Dad adds a new element – fatherhood and an obligation to push this culture forward so that the next generation of hip-hop heads will be inheriting something they’ll fall in love with and want to contribute to as I once did.

Like Front-Free, Rap Dad isn’t about posting whatever’s “hot”. I’m sure people are smart enough to just go check the iTunes top 40 or whatever if that’s what they want to know about. Rap Dad is a throwback to when bloggers were actually tastemakers and gave readers something they couldn’t immediately find on every other site – an authentic opinion. Rap Dad’s ongoing series will include “Rap Revisited” where I review some of the albums that shaped me as a music fan, from old to less old, and see how they’ve aged.

Rap Dad’s ongoing series will include “Rap Revisited”, where I review some of the albums that shaped me as a music fan, from old to less old, and see how they’ve aged. With “Jackin’ For Beats”, I plan to revisit some great songs and the samples used to create them.

Shaka Shaw is a freelance music journalist who has spoken four years in a row about hip-hop culture and its influences, effects, and direction at UCLA’s Hip Hop Congress panels for Hip-Hop Appreciation Month (2014-2017).  His reviews, interviews and editorials have been published on Ebony.com, KevinNottingham.com, Greenlabel, and CuePoint.

He currently resides in San Jose, California. For booking and other inquiries, please e-mail therapdad@gmail.com.

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