Proud Papa: Glory x Jay-Z f. B.I.C. (Blue Ivy Carter)


Big salute to the proud parents!  Jay-Z and Beyonce brought a healthy baby girl into the world, Blue Ivy Carter.  As a recent first-time dad myself, I can completely relate to the joy and pride expressed in this song.  It’s like you can hear that Jay is smiling in the booth as he shares this moment with the fans.  

Say what you want about Jay (I mean, what can you really say), but I appreciate the personal growth and the maturity he brings to the game.  Who knows…these young ones might get inspired to think being a dad is actually cool…hell, even marriage.  And say what you want about Beyonce (and again, I mean…what can one say), but I appreciate that she and Jay share what they want with the public without coming off as guarded.  In the TMZ era, it’s a rare occurrence that we don’t know every grimy detail of a public figure’s life.  They’re keeping it real old Hollywood that way and I respect it.  

Peace and positivity to Jay, Bey, and B.I.C., who’s already appeared on her first record:

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