Rappers & Actors: The Rick Ross Dilemma

Rick Ross’ beef with rap’s Lex Luthor 50 Cent last year when it was revealed that the rotund southern MC had once had a job as a correctional officer for 2 years in the early 90’s.  He has been mocked as “Officer Ricky” and of course had his credibility questioned as a result.  What made matters worse was Ross’ denial of the whole thing before it was revealed, but still remains a very prominent artist.  50 even went so far as to bring Ross’ baby mama on camera and have her talk sh*t about him…yeah, cuz she would have no incentive to speak poorly of him.  Womp.

Anyway, this is an old beef, but it got me thinking about street cred and hip-hop.  Is Ross really the first to lie on record or to embellish his own past for music’s sake?  We all know that the answer is no.  Ross’ handling of his own situation was of course poorly thought out, but let’s be real…Ross does his damn thing.  Am I gonna just stop listening to his stuff because he used to be a corrections officer?  [FYI: anybody can tell you that C.O.s are probably responsible for most of the drugs in our prison system, so being a C.O. doesn’t necessarily mean he was a complete square or even that he wasn’t a career criminal at some point…but why even argue this?] 

People who are honestly vigilant about making sure the rappers they listen to have done everything they said remind me of people who think the WWF isn’t scripted.  If every rapper did everything they said that they do, half of them would be dead (probably due to AIDs or gunplay) and the other half in prison.  I mean seriously…why would a rapper whose face can be seen all over the web and on TV be involved in cocaine-traficking, especially after having made his first million?  Stop it.  This is entertainment. 

The fact that Ross’ career is still afloat despite all the hate and ridicule is proof that people other than me feel the same way: rap is entertainment…f*ck a rap sheet or a professional resume.  Nas was always considered an observer and not a participator in criminal activities in his native Queensbridge, but his strength and the reason people listened to what he said was that the dude painted a beautiful picture in his lyrics while talking about things he had seen or experienced through others.   The way other rappers rap, you would think each had moved a ton of coke apiece…sooo how many kingpings can there really be in NYC?  Aren’t there some gangs and various mobs to deal with?  I think MC casualties would be a lot more frequent if any of these dudes were really doing as much as or anything at all they say they are.  Just enjoy the music.  Damn.  {walks off like that annoying mofo from the Everest College commercial}

“Super High” by Rick Ross f/ Ne-Yo (I usually hate R&B artists on rap joints, but this one rides) off the upcoming Teflon Don.


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  1. seriously, where did you get the rick ross on a segway pic!!???????
    I really wish people would stop BELIEVING all the hype in rap..you got to be a very weak minded individual to succumb to the thuggery portrayed in current rap music…like seriously….although i am sure some have pushed weight BEFORE, i just wont believe that “coca cola coca cola, yayo bought me everything”(Gucci) is really your true source of income…right now…

  2. @ Alex…yeah the segway photo was a fake pic I found via Google Images so uh…shoutout to whoever put the hard photoshop time in to make that. Yeah I just listen to rap like its the wwf sometimes…it’s entertaining…shit some of these guys make me wanna quit my job and spend my last check or two on a brick, but these dudes paint a fantasy image of the game it aint that pretty for real.

  3. I can’t believe the people actually believe that rappers do all the things they rap about, I mean I actually assume they are lying, but if I hear that they actually did such things, I’m usually shocked! I just assume they are all lying…who is really sitting around listening to a song like, “oh yeah, you did all that…you a G”…f*ckouttahere

    LMAO @ {walks off like that annoying mofo from the Everest College commercial}

  4. Hahaha, great post. Like Pimp C said, niggaz ain’t hustlin’ for real, they just rapping and making up imaginary numbers

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