The Trouble With Stans

The difference between a fan and a stan is simple when it comes to music.  A fan appreciates the music of a certain artist and will support them and put others onto it, but also remembers that they do not know this person.  A stan has deluded themselves into basically thinking the celebrity that they worship is beyond reproach and how dare anyone speak against them or critique their work.  A stan fails to see the flaws in anything the artist puts out, so can’t discuss their work intelligently.  They also fail to see any humor in ridicule of said artist, as they have romanticized them to a degree that makes you wonder if they keep a shrine at home.  If you will take time out of your day to angrily respond to a blog post or album review that disagrees with your opinion about an artist, you might be a stan.  You can disagree, but to immediately go in on the author and throw a bitch-fit over somebody else’s opinion when it’s 100% free to start your own blog and get your own ideas out there?  You might be a mark-ass buster-ass stan, dawg. 

This is how I see stans...

Everybody isn’t going to like what you like.  And that’s okay.  I don’t know what the f*ck a lot of you people are doing to your iTunes library and sometimes I think it’s unfortunate, but I’m not stopping you from listening to what you want to listen to.  On the same note, you can tell me what I like is wack and I can think you’re crazy, but one monkey don’t stop no show.  If you’ve got a valid point and can argue it intelligently, why would I not give the discussion a moment of my time?  And if you’re cracking jokes and it’s genuinely funny, why would I not laugh?

Example: I’m a fan of Raekwon.  However, that doesn’t mean that Rae’s yearbook photo will ever not be funny:

Yep…still funny.  Also, this…

Basically, nobody is above jokes or critique of their work.  Prince is an amazing entertainer and will always be remembered as such, but let’s not sit here and act like he didn’t put out some highly irrelevant work from time to time.  And let’s also not act as if the image Dave Chappelle put into our minds of Prince shooting hoops in a blouse isn’t funny as all hell, also. 

 Stans actually do the artist a disservice.  If you’re willing to accept any and everything an artist creates as without flaw, the artist will not see any reason to grow or progress and will continue releasing subpar work, or just work that isn’t as great as what they could be doing, had their fans been pushing them to improve.  So next time you think about jumping up to defend a celebrity who doesn’t pay any of your bills, channel your inner O-Dog, dawg…


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  1. This piece is another good work from you Brick. I’m sure the stans, if they’re not busy stanning, will hate on this but that only makes it more true. Glad to read this !

  2. Love the post.

    Somebody is going to flash the hell out over this. But you are correct. This is how I feel about Beyonce fan girls. I’m not impressed with her any more. She’s good, but I feel like she’s fading into the background. But I’m not tripping because I’m not spending my hard earned cash to keep her and Hov’s lights on.

  3. That Raekown clip was PRICELESS!!!…and just plainTURRIBLE! LOL Who was directing him and ok’d that shit??? Stan worship is indeed a sickness.

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