Thoughts On The XXL Freshmen Class Of 2012

My general reaction to the 2012 XXL Freshman Class picks:

I’m not even gonna go in depth on any of the individual MCs listed, although I am questioning Iggy Azalea’s questionable usage of the term “runaway slaveowner” or some such foolishness in a song.   It’s sad that XXL is moving in the direction of the other hip-hop publications that it originally represented the contrast to.  XXL was the magazine we turned to when five mics stopped meaning something.  We looked to XXL for who’s “dope”, not who’s “hot”.  The major hip-hop publication is dead.  Takes a lot of money to keep the lights on and they clearly can’t do it without accepting payola on the back-end.  One thing I can promise about Front-Free is that it will stay genuine.  If I don’t f*ck with it, I don’t run it, period.  Look around…there are no ads…one, so that the site looks better than the other blogs and two, to show that what goes up is stuff I genuinely dig and want to get some shine.  Keep reading, tell a friend, and stay free of fronts.

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