How To Turn Soundcloud And YouTube Links Into Mp3s

This is by no means difficult, but it also isn’t without a certain level of sketchiness. But if you really want to make that rare gem you can’t get on your streaming service of choice into an mp3 you can have for keeps, then this might be the way to go. Also, if you’re still scared about the future of Soundcloud despite Soundcloud’s reassurance today that it will continue on, you can get all those jams to a safe location in case that glorious ship actually does sink someday (#savesoundcloudstillbecauseIdonttrustit).

I suppose we should stand by to find out how exactly they plan to stay afloat.

While I don’t use the service as my go-to music streaming service, I think comparing it to Spotify or the like is apples and oranges. The real issue with Soundcloud shutting down is that there’s a lot of great music there by aspiring and lesser known artists and it’s a great way for musicians to get their music to bloggers like myself without jumping through all of the hoops to get their content on Spotify or iTunes.

That being said, I totally encourage listeners who find music they like on Soundcloud to find out if the act has any music on Bandcamp or other platforms for purchase prior to trying to download for free. This is where your dollars actually matter, so do your part and if there’s no purchasable option, do the artist a favor and talk them up to people whose ear you respect. Sometimes positive word of mouth can end up being more valuable to the artist in the long run, as your words may have influenced another purchase.

You’ll want to have your ad blockers and spam settings up and running before doing any of this, but the pop-up tab you might see should be harmless. The actual conversion isn’t an incredibly complex process, so there are a bunch of sites you can Google easily (“youtube to mp3”, “soundcloud to mp3”) where you can either enter a YouTube link (will go from music video to song format) or a Soundcloud link in order to turn them into an mp3 you can add to your iTunes, upload to Spotify from your local files, etc.  It’s as easy as entering the link, waiting a couple of seconds for the content to convert, then downloading the resulting mp3 file (not to mention ducking a few dodgy pop-up ads). The Soundcloud links even come with the art. With YouTube links, you could even make an mp3 of your favorite scene from a movie or TV show. Please use responsibly.

Spotify users: Be sure to check out my guide on adding your local files to Spotify.

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