Homebound :: The Action Figures

Action Figures Homebound

Live from Grand Rapids, MI, the Action Figures enlist the production know-how of Young RJ from Slum Village for this single, which sounds to me like the Kanye West we want back in some ways (at least on the first verse)  and in other ways like something completely unique.

Side-Gripe: Rappers.  The artsy accompanying images to these singles you guys drop are cool and all, but understand that attaching your actual mug to your material leaves more of a footprint in a listener’s mind than these random images.  While it sounds a bit fickle, it’s hard to turn fans of a song into fans of you as an artist if they have no idea what you look like.  It should also not be so difficult for bloggers to find your images on Google, whether it’s because your name makes it impossible or whether you just don’t have any on the web.  And for God’s sakes, have a website!  if you have time to write a song, you have time to sit down, learn the most basic of ropes, and create an online home for that song and future material.  Invest in your art…making the actual music is only scratching the surface.

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