Million Dollar Flow [Video] :: Tiani Victoria

Tiani Victoria

It’s difficult to really seek your teeth into a female MC as a male rap fan…at least it is for me.  While the flow and ability might be there, the content is often where the disconnect lies.  While we can’t expect for female MCs to suppress their sexuality in order to make us more comfortable, I can honestly say I could go my whole life as a hip-hop fan without any MC, regardless of gender, rapping about cunnilingus.  With Tiani Victoria, I see definite potential but hope she uses it for more than becoming a 2014 Foxy Brown in people’s eyes.  We’ve been there and that lane is covered, so hopefully her scope extends beyond what’s here.  For now, this is a solid piece of braggadocio showcasing.  I enjoyed this piece aside from the aforementioned problems with content, though, and will be on the lookout for more, as female MCs are under-represented and add a dimension and perspective to the rap game that we need to have.

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