20K Money Making Brothers x Re-Up Gang

There’s some beef sizzling between Pusha T and Li’l Wayne & crew in response to a new Pusha joint that was taking a few shots.  Apparently, there are still those who doubt Pusha T’s skills so instead of posting the diss record that every blogger is posting, I decided to post this classic joint from the Re-Up Gang, the collective that included The Clipse and Philly’s Ab Liva and Sandman.  Quite simply, Push and crew gave away bars upon bars for free that are of a quality no one has seen from the Young Money camp to date.  Li’l Wayne’s gonna need to put away the leggings and see if he can dig up another one of Gillie Da Kid’s rhyme books if he expects to go toe to toe with Pusha, while Drake should just tiptoe around the fray in the name of all that’s holy.

Re-Up Gang to me was one of the last great hip-hop groups that the mainstream never really got to hear of (which is cool with me).  The competition between the four of these MCs is apparent on every record and it’s clear they actually wrote together.  That kind of cohesion is lacking these days.

Honestly, rap beef doesn’t thrill me.  The work speaks for itself and all the mud-slinging is just effeminate to me in a lot of ways.  However, in the case of Pusha, I do understand the need to speak one’s mind about certain things going on in the industry and wake people out of the coma.  Mainstream hip-hop is complacent with fluff and people are actually putting guys who make club music in the lane of capable MCs.  It’s sickening and I’m sure, insulting, to be an MC of quality in this day and age.

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