Boldy James To Release Full-Length LP Produced Entirely By Alchemist


To those who have been reading for some time, you may remember that I was a major supporter of Boldy James when he first stepped on the scene with Trapper’s Alley: Pros & Cons, a mixtape that is still a more complete and satisfying work than most rap albums these days.  The follow-up project, Consignment didn’t move me nearly as much to be honest, but now that he’s working with one of my favorite producers, it’s safe to say I’m chomping at the bit for the collaboration.  In the meantime, Boldy’s got his Grand Quarters EP dropping March 5th, which I’m not too crazy about already, considering there are three tracks (“For The Birds”, “JIMBO” and “Gettin’ Flicked”) that I’ve already heard of the six included and a single (“Come Here” f. Peechie Green) that I wasn’t very impressed with.  However, every rapper has their growing pains as they try to branch out and explore different territory to meet the growing and diversified fan base.  I will say that if his work with Alchemist is anything like “Power Glove”, a quick verse he supplied Alc with for his Russian Roulette project, then we’re in for a serious album.

BONUS: JIMBO x Boldy James

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