Drake And Wu-Tang Collaboration?


I knew the Wu had changed up when Raekwon was featuring on Justin Beiber songs, but this takes the cake.  Wu-Tang has recently been confirmed to have a collaboration in the works with one of the rappers who personifies the kind of rappers RZA was railing against on the intro skit to the epic Wu-Tang Forever.  Drake appears to be paying homage to the title and group (the song from his forthcoming album samples “It’s Yourz”) without actually having listened to the message behind it…meanwhile, what remains of the Wu-Tang is clearly willing to sacrifice its own principles for an opportunity to appeal to the “rap & bullshit” set.  Inspectah Deck took to Twitter to disagree with the original song, which Wu-Tang is expected to remix:

A dark day in hip-hop, my friends. 

“…Knahmsayin I want to give y’all a little announcement man
For the last year there’s been a lot of music comin out
The shit been weak, knowhatI’msayin?
A lot of niggas trying to take hip-hop
And make that shit R&B, rap and bullshit yaknowhatI’msayin?
Or make that shit funk
Fuck that, this is MCin right here, this is hip-hop
Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang gonna bring it to you in the purest form…”


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