Hot Shots Part Deux x Action Bronson f. Riff Raff & Dana Coppafeel

I think it’s amazing the amount of hate I’ve seen all over the Internets directed at this guy Riff Raff…from guys whose iTunes catalog consist of 10,000 Drake and 2Chainz songs.  Sometimesyoujustgottashutthefuckupdawg.  He’s not claiming to be some superthug or to be a superlyrical MC.  These guys are having a great time, period…what happened to that in hip-hop?  It’s still around, but they don’t let you on the radio these days unless you’re taking yourself way too seriously and people wanna arbitrate who gets a pass in the underground market based on some screwed up principles.  I don’t know…I found this to be a fun record…Action never disappoints, Riff Raff was just Riff Raff…and it’s a good time.  Just spark this joint up and live a little.


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