In Memoriam: Eazy E

Eric “Eazy-E” Wright was a pioneer for west coast rap and gangsta rap as a whole, bringing the world a taste of the ghetto that hadn’t been seen before on that level.  Though the message NWA put out couldn’t be considered positive, it was a wake-up call to America, showing them that the monster created by urban oppression was very real and residing not far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the image of Los Angeles most outsiders had.  

Sadly, Eazy inadvertently provided a wake-up call to the hip-hop community and the Black community at large that HIV/AIDS was also very real.  It wasn’t a gay man’s disease or strictly reserved for junkies…anyone could fall victim to the disease.  

On February 24, 1995, Eazy was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA with what he believed to be asthma.  He was diagnosed with AIDS.  He died on March 16, 1995.  That being said, I urge my readers not only to get tested regularly and engage in safe sex, but to also be selective when choosing partners.  AIDS isn’t the only thing out there to be caught and your body should be your temple.  Also, consider that condoms aren’t always 100% effective and pregnancy can also result, obviously, so think about whether you’re ready to won up to those consequences with that partner should that occur.  Not to be a buzzkill, but Eazy’s death and the absence of a cure should tell us that AIDS is nothing to play with.  Life is too valuable, be it yours or the potential life you can be creating.  Use your brains and your better judgment.  Peace.

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