Is There Country For Lloyd Banks?

Lloyd Banks could be a bigger deal than what he currently is.  I’ma just throw that out there off top.  If you’ve heard so much as a Banks freestyle, there’s no denying that the dude can handle a bar like Ted Dansen.  The main stumbling block to the man’s career, though, is none other than one Curtis Jackson a.k.a. 50 Cent.  On one hand, 50 can’t let one of his underlings shine brighter than he does.  Tony Yayo is not a factor lyrically, but I might go so far as to say that Banks can rap circles around Curtis any day of the week.  I just think he’s currently pulling punches.

Name one long-term sidekick MC that ever became great.  I’ll wait.  Li’l Cease anyone?

There’s something off about how 50 can’t get along with anybody in the industry he’s not signing checks for.  Lloyd Banks is currently a footnote in 50 Cent’s lengthy chapter in hip-hop history.  Banks continues to put in more work than 50 for a fraction of the credit and success.  Such is hip-hop, but within the same camp, it looks a little suspect.  Due to 50 Cent’s beefs with the free world, Banks by default can’t work with half the industry, which is stunting his growth and not allowing him to market himself to other demographics and fanbases.  He was ridiculed by other rappers on the commerical failure of Rotten Apple and Interscope dropped him from the label in ’09, though he says the label is trying to get him back due to the success of the hit “Beamer, Benz or Bentley”.  We’ll see, but it would probably be a better idea for Banks to pull a Bron-Bron and break all ties with both G-Unit Records and Interscope and pursue a career flying solo for real.  Think about it…the buzz from that move alone plus a “Independence Day” mixtape would have him signed in a heartbeat.  Hop on a couple tracks with longtime 50-rivals like The Game and Ross and he spreads that buzz to the west and south.  50 Cent would without a doubt come out of his cave to throw shots, but at this point, does anybody give a f*ck?  50 is no longer a career-ender…in fact, he’s just the opposite.  Rick Ross owned the summer of 2010, like it or not, despite devastating knockout blows from 50 Cent that would have buried a lesser rapper.

The G-Unit bubble is suffocating this man and I think hip-hop fans are ready to see a strong MC come out of NY; Vado’s on the comeup years after Banks’ emergence with a strong co-sign from Cam’ron.  Banks already got the co-sign and garnered a following (he’s been around since 99!), so it’s about time he move up out of his father’s house and come into his own…and stop letting 50 dress him in G-Unit gear, for f*ck’s sake.  I think others would like to see a 50-free Lloyd Banks.  What do you think?

Lloyd Banks – Gorilla Muzik Freestyle


Lloyd Banks – Power Pack

Lloyd Banks – Hot 97 Freestyle


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