Other Goods: Sleigh Bells

It’s really hipster-ish for me to be upset at myself for just discovering a band only to find that they’re already the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.  I slept soundly.  Sleigh Bells is like listening to a children’s choir that’s probably about to set your home on fire after they get finished singing…at Christmastime.  To make things ten times weirder, come to find out Sleigh Bells consists of female vocalist Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek E. Miller…there are no actual evil children involved in making the gloriously twisted music that the band brings to the table.  

Vocalist Alexis Krauss

Kids x Sleigh Bells (from the album Treats)

End Of The Line x Sleigh Bells (Live At The Bowery – from the album Reign Of Terror)

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