[Retrospect] The Boomerang Soundtrack


A classic soundtrack to accompany a classic Black film.  You could really expect nothing less of a soundtrack released on LaFace Records circa 1992.  This album set the tone for so much after it and embodied the tone of R&B during this period. 

“Give U My Heart” with Toni Braxton and Babyface is the obvious hit, an upbeat R&B jam by an emerging songstress and an R&B genius.  The best thing about the soundtrack is that it covered a range of tempos, from the quirky romp of Grace Jones’ (!) “7 Day Weekend” to the monster ballad “End Of The Road” by Boyz II Men.  A number of tracks show clear influences of the New Jack Swing era, which defined early 90s R&B.

Johnny Gill’s “There U Go” and Keith Washington’s “Tonight Is Right” were mood-setters, with their heavy saxophone and whispering background vocals indicative of the contemporary soul music of the time.  PM Dawn’s “Die Without You” was clearly a standout of the album, a track that quietly made its presence felt among the album’s more popular songs.

Go cop this album.  And watch the movie.  Tonight.

Die Without You x PM Dawn

Love Shoulda Brought You Home x Toni Braxton

Front-Free presents…Strangé


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