The Day Beyonce Said Bow Down & Everyone Got Mad


I don’t make a habit of speaking on the latest mainstream happenings or celebrity Twitter beefs, if you can even call this that, but trust me here….I have a point.  Keyshia Cole is mad.  Yesterday, she went so far as to tweet a decidedly meek jab at Beyonce in reference to her latest tired-of-being-humble anthem “Bow Down”: 


Clearly she has not learned from what happened when Keri Hilson attempted to throw a veiled diss at Miss Knowles some time ago.  People are quick to catch on and you essentially throw yourself to the wolves.  It always becomes an issue of insecurity when an artist tries to throw themselves into the same arena with artists they aren’t even a blip on the radar to.  Beyonce and Keyshia Cole do not compete for the same audience.  Keyshia’s forgettable brand of hoodrat soul is a very specific genre as opposed to Beyonce’s mass-marketed world pop and those who like both are going to support both, plain and simple.  Throwing out ugly little tweets just introduce you as “hater of Beyonce” to people who have never heard your work or have forgotten you existed.  I think Keyshia Cole’s opinion stopped meaning anything as soon as the world was introduced to Frankie and Neffie, but that’s neither here nor there.

Granted, the song itself is abysmal and Beyonce didn’t need to resort to profanity considering her huge following of young impressionable women, but that being said, I’d much rather she show her ass in the studio than do it in her every day life literally on Instagram (a la Rihanna) or figuratively on Twitter (a la Rihanna or in yesterday’s case, Keyshia Cole).  There is something to be said for getting into character when it’s time to perform and maintaining composure and mystique outside of it.  If anything, any female R&B singers who felt slighted by this should have taken it as competition, not a reason to gripe and make themselves the whipping horse of Beyonce’s army of fanatics.  It’s lonely at the top and in Beyonce’s case, it’s no surprise that people have something to say when she decides she’s tired of being humble and rising above every time.  She’s spent her entire adult life in the public eye and she’s allowed to act out once in a while.  Unfortunately, people want to over-analyze things when it suits their purpose.  

We also can’t act as if acting out on the occasional song hasn’t been a staple in R&B/pop music for years, though.  Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative” was one.  Michael Jackson had “Leave Me Alone”.  Granted, both of those were jammin’, but that’s neither here nor there.  The point is, Beyonce is a name that will go down in history whether people like it or not…in history.  I can’t say the same for most of who’s out now…or at least I can’t say they won’t continue to tarnish their own legacies through scandal and self-destruction.  She doesn’t have to be humble in the studio when she maintains that in her life as we the public know it and as part of her public image.

In terms of Beyonce’s music, it isn’t any surprise that not much of it lives on my iPod, but it’s also not marketed toward me.  I do however admire her work ethic and the effort that goes into maintaining her image, presence and quality of work (this little misstep notwithstanding of course).  Beyonce detractors, however, seem to be dead set on being extremely vocal about their distaste at every turn, refusing to acknowledge her abilities or downplaying them, which is fine, but it makes them look foolish and ulterior motives can be telling.  When she doesn’t give you enough of her life, she’s hiding something and when she does a documentary on herself, she’s giving you too much.  Which is it?  Never mind…don’t care.

In closing, we’ve got to get used to celebrities saving their ratchet tendencies for the recording booth or channeling their need to talk sh*t into their artistic endeavors as opposed to making it a part of their persona and everyday behavior.  

Bow Down x Beyonce




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  1. I’m actually giggling my behind off about Bey’s new (public) cockiness. It’s about time.

    Nice post.

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