Thinking B.I.G.

This isn’t gonna sound positive or progressive at all, but straight up, I’d murder 37 new rappers in cold blood just to bring back Christopher Wallace (not to mention Big Pun, ODB, Big L, Pac and Pimp C).  It turns my stomach to think that in 1997, we lost the Notorious B.I.G.after only two albums.  Meanwhile, cornballs like Charles Hamilton and Yung Berg are walking around virtually unscathed (albeit shook and chainless). Still I rise, though.  Today’s about respecting the legacy of a man that changed the game in multiple ways.

Being from Cali, I first started paying attention to Biggie during the East vs West rap beef.  He actually opened the door to New York rap for me.  I sat there listening to Ready To Die and thought to myself “so this is the dude I’m supposed to hate because ‘Pac said so?  Nah”.  From there, I moved on to Nas, Mobb Deep, and Jay-Z.  Big had something for everybody…music for your jeep, for the club, for a driveby, etc.  Today, we’re not getting into who was “better” between Tupac and B.I.G., either.  Had they never got into that feud, we wouldn’t even be throwing them into the same arena as artists.  Both were dope in their own ways.

So yo…forget all the feuds and the comparisons and those attempting to take away from the man’s greatness…dead it.  Not today.

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