[Vintage Goods] Banned From TV x Noreaga f. Nature, Big Pun, Cam’ron & The LOX


If you don’t remember this song, I don’t even know what to tell you.  Back then, when somebody put together a posse cut, you really got the feeling that each MC sat down and wrote their verse with the intention of trying to outdo every other MC in attendance.  These days, posse cuts seem less like a cipher and more like a business deal, which is unfortunate.  Nore got some of the dopest MCs doing it at the time to hop on this track, knowing they could rap circles around him, and still came through in the end with the charisma and energy that makes Nore who he is.

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  1. My college roommate bumped this joint non-stop for a week and at first I hated it (wasn’t a big Nore fan)…but Cam’s verse is what ended up selling me on not only this song, but the album….Pun’s verse is top 5 in his career…everybody came hard…I miss these days….

  2. Fondest memory I have of this song is that I was playing it in the car and my grandfather (RIP; whose hearing was notoriously bad) managed to make out the part where Pun fires off “shark salad with carrots, porkchops and applesauce”, a line I hadn’t even pieced together at that point.

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