Vintage Goods: Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos x Public Enemy

This video is powerful. It was powerful then and twenty-plus years later, it’s still THAT powerful.  Think about it: “I’m a rebel so I rebel”.  Public Enemy were some of the first artists to speak out about injustice taking place in the Black community.  When Chuck D wrote this he was painting a picture; a picture that showed that Blacks simply were not going to take it anymore and that by any means necessary we were going to be treated equally.  Every thing he said in the rap he did in the video.  It was like watching a movie with the matching book that it was based on…a classic for real!  Sidenote: Peep the Raiders caps, Flav’s gold grill & Eric B walking side by side with Chuck in the dookie rope and baseball satin.  Swag before “swag” was even coined.

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