[Vintage Goods] Drunken Master Freestyles x Ol’ Dirty Bastard


It’s hard to describe to the uninitiated what the draw is when it comes to the one-man army Ason Unique, also known as Ol’ Dirty Bastard of the Wu-Tang Clan.  Why try?  If you can dig it, you probably pressed play before you read any of this anyway.  The man really did manage to introduce an inimitable drunken master flow that could never be copied and still hasn’t successfully been imitated to this day.  Originality.  Rest in power, ODB.

BONUS: Rare Freestyle (1995)  I believe this was a freestyle along with Buddha Monk and the Brooklyn Zoo team (ODB starts at about 7 minutes in), with Pete Rock on the boards.

BONUS: Hot 97 Funkmaster Flex Show “Broken Language” Freestyle (1995)

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