Vintage Goods: I Can’t Get With That x Jay-Z

1994.  Jay-Z was a rapid-fire MC out of Brooklyn I had no clue about.  Check him out in this video alongside Jaz, Sauce Money and Dame Dash kicking a flow you didn’t see much of later on in his career. Looking back, some very dope stuff came out during this time before Reasonable Doubt hit.

Bonus: The Originator (1990) x The Jaz f. Jay-Z

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  1. Being a little younger, I didn’t hear this version of Jay-Z till much later. I remember hearing “Show & Prove” and “Da Graveyard” retroactively and being shocked at how different Jay’s flow was, which led to me checking tracks like these and “Hawaiian Sophie” out. Crazy how different the style is.

  2. Being from Cali, I’m in the same boat. Back then, without the Internet, a lot of cats out west and in the south didn’t have access to stuff if it wasn’t on an LP sold in Sam Goody or Target or whatever so I had to go back and find a lot of stuff I missed.

  3. Hearing Jay rap like this sound so hurtful to the ears…his verse on Da Graveyard was so weak to me LOL I’ve been a fan of Hov for the last decade or so, so like y’all I definitely missed all that pre RD shit he was putting out…and I can’t even say I’m mad. One thing I will say though is you can basically catalog Jay’s rise to stardom from his early beginnings in the late 80s to now…dude has been the poster boy for longevity and managed to be consistently important to hip-hop for like a decade and a half. Sorry…I let the stan slip out a bit.

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