[Vintage Goods] Late Nite Tip x Three Six Mafia


I don’t think I show the South enough love here, which is crazy considering I appreciate the contributions that Southern rap has made over time a great deak.  Growing up in the West in the mid-late 90s, if we weren’t listening to West Coast rap, we were listening to Master P and others from the Dirty.  So let’s call this the first of my Southern Classic series of Vintage Goods posts. 

“Late Nite Tip” was that guilty pleasure track that was for playing on that late night creep, when you were doing absolutely nothing or doing way more than you should be.  It’s a real smooth joint with an underlying hard edge to it.  Peep my man Lord Infamous with the leather vest on.  Truly a song dedicated to that creep life.

Three six mafia – late nite tip by Lvick

BONUS: This song would of course be nothing without the Lisa Fischer sample from “How Can I Ease the Pain”.  This song was slept-on, as many people still think this was a Lisa Stansfield song.  Now you know.

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