Vintage Goods: Sugar Hill x AZ

I just read the tracklist for Nas’ Life Is Good LP and it’s really sad that AZ isn’t going to appear.  For some reason, I was sure I would see a AZ feature…don’t know if it had been rumored or what, but I had a feeling about it.  Nas did manage to put Swizz Beatz on a track though, which is beyond me.  The man has “beats” in his name yet people insist on letting him slither into the recording booth (Pusha T also released a single with Swizz this week) to record pure stomachache.  But you know me…when the record drops, I’ll give it an unbiased ear and we’ll take it from there.

But this post isn’t about Nas, who just seems to be allergic to win these days, it’s about AZ.  AZ kicked the door in on Nas’ “Life’s A Bitch” and outshined his rhyme partner by a mile, then went on to put out this classic single, with an assist from Ms. Jones…this was before R&B hooks started becoming obligatory and annoying.  The beat just rides and AZ’s flow is impeccable; perfect joint for the summer.

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