Vintage Goods: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly x Kanye West f. Consequence

This isn’t really that old, but is definitely one of my favorite Kanye West joints.  This song might be the most acute testament to the theory that Consequence used to write for Kanye or at least coach him on delivery.  These days, Cons is in a one-sided beef with GOOD Music and Kanye has clearly resorted to adapting his flow to match those of (ugh) Big Sean and 2Chainz and thus, isn’t kicking rhymes with this much quality.  And big get-well-soon to Cons, by the way.  The brother went from laying major foundation with one of the greatest rap groups of all time (Tribe) to working with one of the best hip-hop producers of all time (Kanye) to recently recording tracks with Pooch Hall aka The Game’s Derwin Davis.  Talk about a fall from relative grace.

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