Vintage Goods: Wake Up Show Anthem x RZA, Kool G Rap, Tech N9ne, Eminem, Xzibit, Chino XL & KRS One

As a young lad coming up on the Left Coast (East Bay Area to be more specific) before the blogs and widespread access to mixtapes, the Wake Up Show with Sway and King Tech was a go-to for hip-hop.  “The Anthem” brought together some of the coldest MCs of the time and in some cases ever on one track.  To add to how hard the joint was, the video was just batsh*t-crazy from start to finish.  Not even KRS-One’s (no, I’ve never been a fan) yodeling at the end could ruin this for me.  Damn shame after gaining that much credibility in hip-hop circles, they got Sway on MTV now interviewing Justin Beiber and what-not.  Shed so many tears.

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