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We all know the story of the rapper who has a strong underground following and then gets signed to a major deal and puts out an LP highly diluted by crossover appeal material, at times even forfeiting the appreciation of long-time fans hoping to reach a broader audience.  This is the recipe for failure that makes guys like me not even want to bother purchasing albums and stick to mixtapes and then get pissed when I hear some of my favorite artists got signed or have something mainstream in the works; not because I don’t want them to succeed or get widespread recognition, but because success and recognition often means a healthy infusion of wack juice.  Curren$y (also known as “Spitta”) took a different approach.  Having built a substantial cult following from the many mixtapes he’s released, Spitta brought his own formula to a mainstream LP without changing much at all, if anything.

Weekend At Burnie’s is an appropriate title, as the album is pretty much weekend music through-and-through, but that isn’t to say it doesn’t also make for a tranquil workweek.  Before you reach for the stars, this album is not reinventing the wheel, but would you rather have an artist stick to what they know and produce heat or put out some lukewarm material hoping for crossover appeal?  Curren$y enlisted the help of Monsta Beatz (Havoc of Mob Deep contributed two tracks as well) for most of the album and this is obvious.  The tracks are often so similar and so laid back, one can run into the other if you aren’t paying attention to the break between songs.  This isn’t a bad thing.

“She Don’t Want A Man” is a cautionary tale of sorts, with Curren$y warning the squares of the world to keep their women in check before their perfect housewife is using their money to smoke the finest weed with rappers.  “Televised” features Fiend, whose voice and delivery suit the sleepy nature of the track but whose nonsensical bars (“paint job fine as the hair on a frog’s back”…#ManWhat) detract from what the song could have been.  The celebratory horns and thumping bassline on “You See It” are certified dope and show Spitta’s formula in action.  Laid back and jazzy beats with solid verses that the uninitiated would write off as lazy but those in the know appreciate the value of.  Hidden gems throughout.

Trademark & Young Roddy

On a side-note, we also know the story of the posse members or “weed carriers” as they’re known in hip-hop circles; generally they’re subpar rappers who are granted studio time by association with their mentor (i.e. Young Jeezy’s Slick Pulla or Rick Ross’ Gunplay) and usually can curse an otherwise decent track.  Curren$y proteges Young Roddy and Trademark Da Skydiver prove to be destined for more than carrying Spitta’s weed (besides, I have a feeling Spitta carries his own weed).  Both appear on “Still”, “On G’s” and “Get Paid”, letting their chemistry as a duo compliment Curren$y’s obvious dominance on all three joints.  They already dropped a solid mixtape together and I’m definitely looking to see more in the future.

Though some would argue that Curren$y is a one-dimensional rapper, I’d rather that than him try to be all things to everybody.  Weekend At Burnie’s fills that niche of a perfect summer disc…no need to skip through songs for the appropriate track to ride or chill to…they’re all appropriate.  As usual, Curren$y dropped a solid album on us by simply being humble enough to understand that fans worth having will come to you and get with the program if the program is worth it.  Weekend At Burnie’s is for riding, smoking, living well and the occasional sprinkling of game and real-nigga-isms.  Enjoy and don’t overthink it.

#JetsGo x Curren$y

You See It x Curren$y



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  1. 32. This person is 32 years old. Welp.

    On another note I’m glad to see Curren$y get some shine. In an industry where so much is based on perception rather than authenticity, it’s refreshing to see someone be themselves on the mic instead of buying into the status quo. I know a lot of that is about making money and selling records, but I have the feeling that Curren$y will continue to be relevant without having to change. One wants to be the needle in the haystack – not the haystack. Good blog.

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