Other Goods: Turn On The Bright Lights x Interpol

Offbeat will be an ongoing category that will spotlight an album or song (past or present) from a genre other than hip-hop or R&B that I’ve managed to stumble across.  

Turn On The Bright Lights was the first of four albums by post-punk revival band Interpol.  I randomly picked this up in 2002 for the most ridiculous reason…the cover had a cool look to it.  This is one of those times when I lucked up off of a whim.  The music behind the album cover matched the mood of the album: dark and brooding with a fiery, colorful undertone.  Quite simply, Turn On The Bright Lights is basically a perfectly put-together album and received well-deserved critical acclaim coming out of the gate.  To cop it on iTunes, Click Here.

Obstacle 1 x Interpol 

Untitled (Live) x Interpol

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