Clipped On :: Blood Orange f. Despot


Because I do what I want, I’m posting this Blood Orange track from 2013 like it’s brand new…because to me, it is. I’m also posting it because I’m a huge fan of Queens rapper Despot, who’s released only a handful of verses in the several years he’s been around. It sucks being a fan of someone so reclusive, since no one ever knows who you’re talking about and none of his stuff can be easily located on Spotify. Either way, this feature on Blood Orange’s Cupid Deluxe album is quite the treat, pairing Despot’s intricate but rapid-fire flow with Devonté Hynes’ bizarre vocals and mellow groove.

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Just Nice :: Sauce Money


I stumbled across this record while looking for another Sauce Money song from the 1990s and while this one dropped two years ago, the bars on this thing are absolutely vicious. There’s nothing more frustrating than a rapper who’s nice enough to sit back and collect residuals from ghostwriting gigs but who’s still hungry enough to drop an excellent record every couple of years. Give us an album, Sauce Muthafuckin’!

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Rest In Power, Prince



Today, I got the news that the legendary Prince passed away and it was like my soul had been ripped straight through my chest. This is one artist who was on my bucket list of people I had to see play live and I didn’t get to because he died early. Let’s give our legends their flowers while we can still smell them. I don’t feel any kind of way about saying that Prince was a beautiful man for what he gave us to remember him by. One can only hope as a musician to leave a legacy that’s even a fraction of what this man gave the world.

“Kiss” By Prince

Prince Performs “Do Me Baby” in 1982 at the Capitol Theatre.

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[CRATES] Against The Grain :: Sauce Money

Middle Finger U

Sauce Money has always been one of my favorite MCs who refuse to put out a consistent body of work, but whose classic appearances on Jay-Z and others’ records, not to mention his prolific ghost-writing career, make him hard not to mention as one of the nicest to ever do it. Sleep if you want to. “Against The Grain” was a DJ Premier-produced cut from the slept-on Soul In The Hole soundtrack.

In case you thought the veteran was retired, check out this loosie from a year ago, flooded with gems just to remind you how nice an MC Sauce still is after all these years. Sauce…please give us an EP or something.

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FLEM [Video] :: A$AP Ferg


While we wait for Always Strive And Prosper to drop on April 22nd, Ferg dishes out a quick teaser, produced by Pro Era’s own Kirk Knight. The singles from the album so far have been hit (“Let It Bang” featuring Schoolboy Q) or miss (“Strive” featuring Missy, that Big Sean record…ugh) to me, but the hits really hit, so I’m looking forward to reviewing the completed work.

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Lake By The Ocean :: Maxwell


Maxwell returns to us right on time with a new single from blackSUMMERS’night, which is due on July 1st. While it isn’t the banger I’d hoped for, it’s definitely a precursor for greater things to come, adding a little bit of smooth R&B to a month already filled with great hip-hop coming from all angles. Enjoy.

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Nobody Speak :: DJ Shadow f. Run The Jewels


In preparation for The Mountain Will Fall dropping June 24th on Mass Appeal Records, DJ Shadow calls on Run The Jewels for the first single.

“Occasionally, I make a beat that demands a specific vocal treatment and attitude. In the case of ‘Nobody Speak,’ I wasn’t going to settle for anyone other than Run The Jewels; in my mind, it was them or no one. Fortunately, they agreed, and they took the track to a place I could never get to on my own. That’s the definition of a rewarding collaboration.” – DJ Shadow

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