Carlos Slim :: Riff Raff


Riff Raff’s been a polarizing figure in the hip-hop community but for those who “get it”, he’s also the satirical figure hip-hop needed to spoof the vapid trap rap trend before it even really blew up. Maybe you didn’t see Riff’s spoof of MTV Cribs where he takes you through a very basic one-bedroom apartment telling obvious lies about the various items he comes across, but from this, it’s clear that the guy is in on the joke and if you’re not…you’re just gonna be mad or confused or both. I’d take a bugged out, creative, and probably intentionally ignorant Riff Raff record any day just for the lols over the Young Thug gibberish he and the people who like his stuff take seriously. The spoof only gets more funny the more his original act seems to coincide with the face that the mainstream rap world puts on the culture. Funny to ya’ boy.

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Let It Bang [Video] :: A$AP Ferg f. Schoolboy Q


A$AP Ferg channels 90s Wu-Tang on this latest record off of his upcoming Always Strive And Prosper LP. Though I wasn’t at all impressed with Schoolboy Q’s last album, I was pleasantly surprised by his verse here. As for Ferg himself, I think he’s a unique and clever MC who’s well on his way to surpassing his A$AP cohorts by leaps and bounds creatively. I’m here for the come-up.

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Find A Way :: A Tribe Called Quest [R.I.P. Phife Dawg]


I owe the entire title of this site I’ve been working on for the past seven or so years to a line from Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest, so you can imagine that the news hit me hard when I found out Phife had passed. Let this be yet another lesson that we lose our greats too soon, so please appreciate the architects of this culture before it’s too late. Some of these groups need to get back together (looking at you, EPMD…put out a record!) and we need to be willing to support future concerts and other endeavors as hip-hop heads. We love you, Phife. Thanks for these classics.

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Soul Perfect [Video] :: Sean Price f. Illa Ghee & Royal Flush


March 17th is the birthday of the late, great Sean Price, so no better time to celebrate his legacy than the present with this new visual from his Songs In The Key Of Price mixtape. Royal Flush and Illa Ghee join up with Sean’s baby girl Shaun, who lip syncs through her dad’s verse. Stay tuned after the vid for a heart-warming moment from one of P’s shows where his daughter joined him onstage. Rest in power.

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