Yeah, I’m not even gonna pretend like I didn’t damn near blow up when I saw this track from Adult Swim.  I’m going to keep hope alive that this is a prelude to a joint project from these two.


[From the dungeons of stuff I meant to publish a long time ago but kept in drafts by accident] Hudson Mohawke has released the dirty version of the “Rap Monument” previously presented by the good folks at Noisey.  While the 42 minute time stamp is daunting, there are definitely some bright spots here that are worth a spin.


Anyone who knows me knows I’m heavily into the futuristic decadence of Phantogram and that I’ve been an Outkast fan forever.  With Outkast pretty much being a distant memory and Andre 3000 being pretty much out of the picture in terms of rappin’, Big Boi has quietly flourished as a solo artist, releasing some projects that may not have been classics, but definitely were solid and pushed the boundaries.  He’s linked with frequent collaborators Phantogram for an EP dropping September 25th and this is the first gift off of that.


Though this isn’t a new song, I had to post this one.  This is some powerful music and I’m happy to see a capable female MC break out with some authentic material.  Her album, Dedicated To, is due out for the fall and judging from this and her appearance on Fabolous’ “You Made Me”, I’m looking forward to it.

maiya norton

Straight from the dungeons of stuff I meant to publish months ago, mix-master Maiya Norton is back with another excellent mix for the final days of summer.  Here’s what she had to say about it:

I have ideas for mixes all the time. I’ve done more than I can remember. I began working on one after Sweet Spot Vol.3: Higher was complete. I was trying to commit to doing an alternative/rock mix since I skew really heavily towards soul music. I listen to everything though, and that’s not always represented in my projects. However, something about it wasn’t clicking. Sometimes, you just need to put things down when you hit a creative block.


Sean Price’s Songs In The Key Of Price drops this month and sadly, we won’t have the MC himself to go along with the finished product.  Hip-hop will hold him in high esteem.

And yo…stop being crabs with that whole “all of a sudden there’s all these Sean Price fans” in the comments of other rap blogs.  Now more than ever, fans of real hip-hop need to be bringing others into the fold instead of trying to chase them off or question their cred.  We also have to understand that sometimes we all take people for granted while they’re alive and it’s not even about how well-known or underrated the artist is.  I can’t say I was bumpin’ Off The Wall a week before Michael Jackson died, but I damn sure played everything the man made the following day.  With Sean, let’s do his legacy justice by just sharing his work.  And if you can, please contribute to his family HERE.


Most of my favorite singers right now went to Howard around the time I did.  A few posts ago, I posted the work of Aaron Abernathy and here’s Nicholas Ryan Gant performing “The Makings Of You”, originally written and performed by Curtis Mayfield.  Amazing rendition.  Enjoy.


Copped this man’s album earlier this year with actual dollars and was quite impressed.  The man has a good ear for music and is clever with the pen.

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