Hip-Hop Appreciation Month At UCLA: Get Home Safely – The Evolution of The Socially Conscious Artist

I was invited for the second time to speak on a panel for UCLA’s Hip Hop Congress’ Hip Hop Appreciation Month festivities.  The topic this year will be the evolution of the socially conscious artist and I’ll be speaking alongside rapper Murs, Archie Davis of OPM, and writer Brooklyne Gipson.  Hopefully, I’ll get to shake hands with some followers of the Front-Free brand and engage in some great discussion.  To be added to the list, e-mail me your name.  See you there.

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Freestyle :: Action Bronson Blacks Out At Hot 97


I don’t usually check for anything out of Hot 97, but Action Bronson completely went off on a freestyle for Funkmaster Flex.  Check for the legendary Big Body Bes off to the side providing the ad libs.  Mr. Wonderful should be out March 24th and knowing Bronson, you can expect a lot of hard work in the interim.

“Spent your advance on one trip to Six Flags with a handicapped class with your candy rap ass”

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