“Moonlight Sonata” is one of the few classical songs I could listen to non-stop when in a certain space, so I was delighted to hear this laid-back treatment of it by Laurent Clerc, AKA Little People.  It turns out he has a lot of stuff in this same vein that’s really good.  Check him out.


I don’t get it when people say Your Old Droog is biting off of Nas.  There are vocal similarities, but Droog to me is another MC entirely and one I’d like to hear more from, personally.  Droog is that energy we need right now, in terms of being a rather mysterious entity (his first appearance since his debut in June was Sept. 3rd) who isn’t giving too much of himself other than the music via social media.  He’s also hungry, b.  This reminds me of when people were calling Action Bronson a Ghostface rip-off and all I could hear was a similar accent with more obvious influences from Pun and Kool G Rap than Ghost himself.  Let this man cook.


Ikey drops another video for “Olodo”, which makes use of some cool melodies.  Can’t wait to see what comes next from this guy.  You can check out the full song on Soundcloud here.


Meyhem Lauren releases the latest set of visuals off of the Silk Pyramids LP, produced entirely by Buckwild.  Mey kicks it off by eating a bowl of cereal off of a gigantic ass.  Legendary.  #NSFW


Yet again, the homie Aaron Abernathy puts his soul into some true R&B music that sticks to the ribs.  The industry needs to be taking notes from this young man.  Stop “experimenting” with R&B and make some music that comes from the heart and has some staying power!  Cop it here.


If, like me, you’re of the small minority who would rather listen to absolute silence than hear a Marshall Mathers verse, you’ll appreciate this newly-released version of “Calm Down” featuring only the Dungeon Dragon.  Enjoy.


Cormega’s Mega Philosophy drops tomorrow and he’s released the second and final version of the cut “M.A.R.S.” featuring a few all-stars.  The original version was good, but this one brings some legends together for an exciting record.  I actually got the opportunity to sit down with Cormega and discuss the new album (you’ll hopefully see that on very soon) which I was fortunate enough to hear a stream of a couple of weeks ago.  The whole project (produced exclusively by Mega and Large Professor) is something to check for and is definitely an important milestone in Mega’s career.  Hit up iTunes tomorrow and cop that!


Let me explain something to you about Black Thought…matter of fact, just press play and wait for verse three.  Let’s just say there’s a reason no one ever challenges Thought and NO reason to not name him one of your favorite MCs if you really like MCing (other than the whole…you know, not really being a solo MC technically).  What Goes Around drops 8/19 and the tracklist is heavy like truck jewels.

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