[Vintage Goods] One More Chance :: The Notorious B.I.G.


March 9th marks the day we lost one of the greatest MCs of all time.  While young’ins may either not acknowledge his title or just agree out of obligation, this song among many others proves why B.I.G. was so dope.  Biggie was able to make undeniable jams that went from the streets to the radio to the clubs effortlessly, without sacrificing an iota of artistry.  Part of this is of course due to Puffy’s guidance and creative direction (like it or not) but many artists could stand to learn from Biggie’s ability to appeal both as a likeable, humorous MC on tracks like this and as a threatening menace on other tracks.  There’s just no denying Big’s mastery of the game, from his ability to market himself to the mainstream down to his ability to hold it down as a formidable MC in a freestyle situation.  Rest in power to Christopher Wallace.

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Babylon [Video] :: SZA


SZA’s new project Z drops on April 4th and she released this set of visuals for one of the first singles.  I really enjoy her music, but it will be great when she stops dressing like one of the cast of The Sandlot.  I’m all for a no-frills aesthetic, but when your image begins to precede your music for people, it can be a distraction and deter people from getting into your stuff.  Some go the way of extravagant wardrobes and costumes a la Lady Gaga, while others pare it down to the point where they resemble a caricature, like Janelle Monae.  Not to say people won’t get into it, but eventually it becomes a schtick of sorts.  I’m also not saying she’s gotta dress provocatively, but there’s a lot of gray area between hand-me-down overalls and a G-string…and there’s definitely a way to dress like your clothes fit and still not be considered “normal” or “boring”.  This is her, for now, and that’s fine, but people evolve and it will be nice to see her do her thing without the grungy facade intact.

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