[New] November Rain x Action Bronson


So I don’t know whose bright idea it was down at XXL (rap scholars over there) to release their 2013 Freshmen mixtape as one long-ass 17-track mp3, but it didn’t compel me to listen to it in full…just had to seek out single tracks from the only worthy MCs on the list, Bronson here being one of them.

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[Get Familiar] Oscar O’Malley


Shoutout to the righteous brother Joseph Parker for the alley-oop on this one.  I love that stuff like this is out there getting made.  I’m absolutely on the hunt for more stuff from this guy, so when I get it, you’ll get it.  Stay tuned.

Ol’ Dirty Snorlax (Brooklyn Zoo Instrumental) x Oscar O’Malley

Billy Butcher x Oscar O’Malley

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[Vintage Goods] 1 Luv x E-40 f. Levitti


I can understand not being a fan of E-40 if you’re not from the Bay, but songs like “1 Luv” are what I grew up on and were a soundtrack to life back home at the time.  It definitely takes an understanding of the lingo and respect for local culture to “get it”, though.  Levitti was a singer who appeared on a number of Bay classics and I’ll die peacefully if you guys could chip in and get the brother to sing at my funeral.  Thanks and one love.

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