4EvaNADay: A Day Well Spent (A Big K.R.I.T. Review)

K.R.I.T.’s latest project has something for every point in the day, so I decided to play it from morning well into the evening to see how it carried.

I kicked my day off appropriately with “Wake Up”.  Usually, I’m the type to wake up to N.W.A. or The Beatnuts or something more lively, but this was a nice beginning…mellow and motivational all at the same time.  When “Yesterday” popped up on the shuffle, I caught an unexpected personal moment as I was reminded of my grandfather, whose name is tatted on my arm but who unfortunately did not live to see my son born.  “I miss you like yesterday” is repeated on the hook, a basic phrase that implies missing something that will never return to you.

After work, I got in the car and bent corners to the joints like the title track and “Me And My Old School”.  It was cold out and a G damn near froze his arm off trying to keep the window down and the volume high, but this is the type of feeling I like to share.  After all the thoughtful songs that make you reflect, K.R.I.T. never disappoints at giving you a good helping of pure riding music.  There are tracks that make you commend his flow, tracks that make you commend his production, and even his singing, but you’re more likely to appreciate the whole package as it comes together.

At the end of this ride, one realizes that there were no featured MCs on this project and that K.R.I.T. produced it entirely by himself.  How often do you get a product completely dreamt up, brought to fruition, and packaged for the masses by one man?  And for it to be quality work?  A rarity.  The realist in me makes me worry for K.R.I.T.’s first major label LP, but the business student in me allows me to see the bigger picture.  The more an artist grooms his fan-base to expect a certain level of quality and to go with whatever the artist puts out and whatever direction he decides to go in, the more likely a label is to grant the artist autonomy and funding to put out a continuation of his previous work, albeit with a larger marketing machine behind it.

I don’t know if I’ll be playing this album in a couple days, to be 100% honest with you.  I don’t know if I’ll be playing it in five years…but hopefully, I’ll be playing whatever the latest K.R.I.T. is at that point in time.  I’m not worried about five years from now, though..for right now, this is killing a lot of what’s out there because it covers so many bases effectively.  You don’t have to have the flyest car or smoke the best weed to relate to K.R.I.T.  Ever been through pain?  You can relate to some K.R.I.T.  Ever worked too hard for too little?  You can relate to K.R.I.T.  Ever wanted to say “forget the club” and post up outside in front of whatever you’re driving and wait for it to let out with your people?  This is that music.  It’s accessible to the common man, yet still inspires growth, introspection and hope for one day doing better than we are.  Sounds like good food to me.

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Vintage Goods: Wake Up Show Anthem x RZA, Kool G Rap, Tech N9ne, Eminem, Xzibit, Chino XL & KRS One

As a young lad coming up on the Left Coast (East Bay Area to be more specific) before the blogs and widespread access to mixtapes, the Wake Up Show with Sway and King Tech was a go-to for hip-hop.  “The Anthem” brought together some of the coldest MCs of the time and in some cases ever on one track.  To add to how hard the joint was, the video was just batsh*t-crazy from start to finish.  Not even KRS-One’s (no, I’ve never been a fan) yodeling at the end could ruin this for me.  Damn shame after gaining that much credibility in hip-hop circles, they got Sway on MTV now interviewing Justin Beiber and what-not.  Shed so many tears.

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Audio: MARS x Cormega, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon

My reaction when I first heard about this project:

Yeah.  That’s what happens when you take one of a man’s favorite MCs of all time (Cormega), throw in his current favorite (Action Bronson), and then start talking supergroup with two other very competent MCs (Roc Marciano and the very slept-on, even admittedly by me, Saigon).  Total disbelief and bewilderment.  This is the first project I’ve heard so far.

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Visuals: Hookers At The Point x Action Bronson

Again I ask…how do you not like Action Bronson?!?  On this joint, he channels what seems to me like a little bit of Slick Rick in his storytelling.  The video, despite the tragic subject matter, has Bronson at his most hilarious.  Peep the lizard kicks.  This song comes off an upcoming collaboration with Party Supplies entitled Blue Chips, dropping March 12th…FOR FREE.

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[Vintage Goods] Foundation x Big Jaz f. Jay-Z, Sauce Money & Tone Hooker

Jaz, Jay-Z and Sauce Money have always been dope on tracks together.  With any combination of the three, there exists the kind of chemistry that breeds constructive competition, with each one trying to one-up the next, bar for bar.  Unfortunately, there’s bad blood between Jaz and Jay (at least on Jaz’ part) and it’s hard to see Jay reconnecting with Sauce after all this time, I’d always hoped the three would get back together for a track or even a group album.  However, in the current age of kids who don’t acknowledge your existence if you havem’t been on the radio in the past few years, this is just one hip-hop fan’s dream.  What the hell, we’ll always have the classics, like this one.

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