Vintage Goods: Slang Editorial x Cappadonna

For years after I first got ahold of Wu-Tang Forever, I was buying any and everything with the Wu stamp on it…everything.  Some of the affiliated groups and solo acts were hit or miss, but Cappadonna has always been one of my favorite Wu-Tang Clan members, even though he wasn’t an official member.  “Slang Editorial” still makes very little sense to me, but Donna was right behind Ghost and Rae with the wild stream of consciousness rap, painting pictures and what-not.  Oh, and The Pillage was a classic, slept-on album.  Peep the cameo by the actor who would soon be known as Paulie Walnuts of The Sopranos.

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Cashmere Thoughts: Blue Ivy Carter

Jay-Z and Beyonce damn near shut the Internet down this evening with the release of the first official photos of their newborn daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, on the Tumblr named after her.  One thing of many I appreciate about this is that the couple is doing things their way, giving the public what they want us to have.  That’s a lost art in the modern day, where you can easily be turned off by an artist’s overexposure on TMZ or Twitter.  

Congrats to the beaming couple.  Cheers!

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Other Goods: Turn On The Bright Lights x Interpol

Offbeat will be an ongoing category that will spotlight an album or song (past or present) from a genre other than hip-hop or R&B that I’ve managed to stumble across.  

Turn On The Bright Lights was the first of four albums by post-punk revival band Interpol.  I randomly picked this up in 2002 for the most ridiculous reason…the cover had a cool look to it.  This is one of those times when I lucked up off of a whim.  The music behind the album cover matched the mood of the album: dark and brooding with a fiery, colorful undertone.  Quite simply, Turn On The Bright Lights is basically a perfectly put-together album and received well-deserved critical acclaim coming out of the gate.  To cop it on iTunes, Click Here.

Obstacle 1 x Interpol 

Untitled (Live) x Interpol

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Vintage Goods: Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos x Public Enemy

This video is powerful. It was powerful then and twenty-plus years later, it’s still THAT powerful.  Think about it: “I’m a rebel so I rebel”.  Public Enemy were some of the first artists to speak out about injustice taking place in the Black community.  When Chuck D wrote this he was painting a picture; a picture that showed that Blacks simply were not going to take it anymore and that by any means necessary we were going to be treated equally.  Every thing he said in the rap he did in the video.  It was like watching a movie with the matching book that it was based on…a classic for real!  Sidenote: Peep the Raiders caps, Flav’s gold grill & Eric B walking side by side with Chuck in the dookie rope and baseball satin.  Swag before “swag” was even coined.

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Visuals: Don’t Kiss Me x Carl Thomas f. Snoop Dogg

I don’t know about you, but when Carl Thomas dropped Emotional, it was a good day for R&B.  It was true soul music made for grown folks.  Even when Carl throws a little hip-hop into the mix, the soul still takes precedent and it seems like Carl Thomas is one of the only artists to keep the quality up to snuff after leaving Bad Boy.  Snoop Dogg joins Carl on his latest effort “Don’t Kiss Me” and the chemistry is on point.  Looking forward to getting my hands on that Conquer album.    

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