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The Wu-Tang Clan is clearly not trying to come up off of any freebies.  Though this is touted as a “customer appreciation” offering, it’s listed on Bandcamp as a “pay-what-you-feel” purchase and not on Soundcloud or anything as a free download.  In addition, I’ve been seeing a lot of blog posts regarding this limited-edition upcoming Wu-Tang album that RZA claims he’s been receiving offers in the millions for.  This is saddening.  Wu-Tang, to me, is supposed to be of the people and fans have been trusting in the Wu to bring back the initial excitement for quite some time.  Most fans don’t have millions or even hundreds to spend on a CD, so who is the Wu catering to here?  It seems to me that the Wu is falling for the okey-doke and placing business tactics and publicity stunts ahead of the art and giving back to the fans.  Why not simply release an album out of nowhere like Beyonce did and crush the Internet?  Though it will be available digitally on iTunes, only one physical copy available to those who can pay for it seems a little bit elitist.  Here’s to hoping that the album, once it’s made available to “regular people”, is actually good.

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