Planet Apes :: Sean Price


Sean Price’s Songs In The Key Of Price drops this month and sadly, we won’t have the MC himself to go along with the finished product.  Hip-hop will hold him in high esteem.

And yo…stop being crabs with that whole “all of a sudden there’s all these Sean Price fans” in the comments of other rap blogs.  Now more than ever, fans of real hip-hop need to be bringing others into the fold instead of trying to chase them off or question their cred.  We also have to understand that sometimes we all take people for granted while they’re alive and it’s not even about how well-known or underrated the artist is.  I can’t say I was bumpin’ Off The Wall a week before Michael Jackson died, but I damn sure played everything the man made the following day.  With Sean, let’s do his legacy justice by just sharing his work.  And if you can, please contribute to his family HERE.

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