The Sweet Spot Vol. 1: The Honeycuts ’99-’01 [Mix] :: Maiya Norton

I’m honored to be able to host on Front-Free this beautifully arranged collection of jams from 1999-2001 by my talented fellow Howard Bison Maiya Norton:

If you know me, you know I love sharing music more than anything in the world. I’ve done dozens of compilations for blogs and music sites, but wanted to create a fresh, new platform.

This is the first volume of a new series, The Sweet Spot, which aims to highlight music that falls within a particular category. In this case, classic and rare gems that came out during a special 3-year moment in musical history (99-01). From Mama’s Gun to Supreme Clientele to In Search of…so many memorable albums made during that time.

Each volume will highlight a new artist or photographer, DJ and blend together for your listening pleasure. Play it loud and send it to friends. Enjoy.

Cover Photo by William Ukoh:
Mixed by Haz Solo: @hazsolo
Support + Inspiration by Rashid Zakat:

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