Zhané was ahead of their time not only when it comes to their iconic natural hairstyles, but with jams like “Sending My Love”, which has aged surprisingly well. I’ll never turn my back on any efficient flip of EPMD’s “You’re A Customer” (Naughty By Nature actually produced this record, among others on their debut album, like their trademark hit “Hey, Mr. DJ”).

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Photograph By Jamison/Last Color

As a backup singer, Portland songstress Erika Day lent her vocals to other local artists. On the breezy “Little Sinner” (produced by Palm Dat), we get her first step into the spotlight as her own artist and the result is exceptional.

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Rest In Power, Prince



Today, I got the news that the legendary Prince passed away and it was like my soul had been ripped straight through my chest. This is one artist who was on my bucket list of people I had to see play live and I didn’t get to because he died early. Let’s give our legends their flowers while we can still smell them. I don’t feel any kind of way about saying that Prince was a beautiful man for what he gave us to remember him by. One can only hope as a musician to leave a legacy that’s even a fraction of what this man gave the world.

“Kiss” By Prince

Prince Performs “Do Me Baby” in 1982 at the Capitol Theatre.

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Lake By The Ocean :: Maxwell


Maxwell returns to us right on time with a new single from blackSUMMERS’night, which is due on July 1st. While it isn’t the banger I’d hoped for, it’s definitely a precursor for greater things to come, adding a little bit of smooth R&B to a month already filled with great hip-hop coming from all angles. Enjoy.

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Subway Art [Video] :: Tish Hyman


Though this isn’t a new song, I had to post this one.  This is some powerful music and I’m happy to see a capable female MC break out with some authentic material.  Her album, Dedicated To, is due out for the fall and judging from this and her appearance on Fabolous’ “You Made Me”, I’m looking forward to it.

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