45 Series, Vol. II – In Love/Near :: AB


Brand new music from the homie Aaron “AB” Abernathy.  Once again, he puts his foot into some real authentic soul music.  It’s from the heart, masterfully arranged, and blows everything on the radio clear out of the water.  From his Soundcloud page:

In the Abernathy household, the alarm clock was the sounds from dad’s record player followed by the smell of bacon and sausage permeating the house. Downstairs, mom and dad laughed, danced and told jokes as they made breakfast for their three young children. It’s these memories of soul music, soul food and his parent’s love that are behind musician Aaron “Ab” Abernathy’s music, especially his ongoing 45 series.

Paying homage to the classic 7-inch record culture, the 45 series takes you back to an era where love and happiness were constantly on display. On Vol. II Ab continues this tradition as he tells the story of being in love with his woman and shows his willingness to give her the keys to unlock all of his internal possessions. The A-Side ballad “In Love” is a beautiful composition filled with an array of different instruments reminiscent of classic 70s funk band Earth, Wind, and Fire. On the dreamy B-side record “Near”, his soulful lead focuses on her acceptance of his love and he expresses his thankfulness for her longing to be close to him.

“I’m more than certain that the everyday interaction that I witnessed between my parents created the foundation for the type of love I long to possess with someone,” said Ab. “What’s interesting today is the belief that this type of love that we all truly want is foreign. Those beliefs have led to settling for relationships we don’t want. Just like my father’s record player was my soul alarm clock, waking me up to a home filled with endless possibilities of love, I have a tremendous hope that this music will wake up people’s souls in our generation to believe that this type of love isn’t just a love of the past.”

The 45 Series, Vol. II is available for download now at www.aaronabernathy.com.

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