CASH ME OUTSIDE: What Danielle Bregoli Might Actually Accomplish For Rap Music

“These Heaux” is terrible. On a paint-by-numbers trap beat, Bregoli yelps at the mic in a voice heavily slathered in auto-tune, managing to pack more rap cliches into every bar than I ever thought imaginable. The beat is unimaginative. There is literally nothing here that sticks to the ribs, nor does it even have any true ear-worm appeal that I could identify, for what that’s worth. This is the untested bravado of a poorly behaved 15-year-old with a pitiably limited view of rap music. The funny thing about the attitude Bregoli approaches “These Heaux” with is that it doesn’t differ in terms of maturity level from the same attitude Cardi B gives us on the wildly popular “Bodak Yellow” (despite Cardi being 10 years older and having a more interesting story you’d think would make her work more compelling). Moreover, there’s not much difference in production value or creativity level between the two artists or songs. Coincidentally, both are signed to Atlantic Records. Both garnered a level of fame from viral content and reality TV. The elephant in the room for some people, however, is that Bregoli is white.

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