60 Minutes Of Funk Freestyle (1995) :: Fat Joe & Big Punisher

Fat Joe and Big Pun trade bars over Wu-Tang Clan’s essential “Ice Cream” instrumental. Back then, it was like a rite of passage for rappers to kick a freestyle over beats like this that best showcased their skills. Funkmaster Flex’s 60 Minutes Of Funk series and tapes like it were probably a legal nightmare clearing all of the samples used, but the final result was often a well-paced smorgasbord full of exclusives like this one.

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[Vintage Goods] Banned From TV x Noreaga f. Nature, Big Pun, Cam’ron & The LOX


If you don’t remember this song, I don’t even know what to tell you.  Back then, when somebody put together a posse cut, you really got the feeling that each MC sat down and wrote their verse with the intention of trying to outdo every other MC in attendance.  These days, posse cuts seem less like a cipher and more like a business deal, which is unfortunate.  Nore got some of the dopest MCs doing it at the time to hop on this track, knowing they could rap circles around him, and still came through in the end with the charisma and energy that makes Nore who he is.

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[Archives] In Memory Of Big Punisher

I first experienced the lyrical prowess of Big Pun in The Beatnuts’ “Off The Books” video, where he was “clotheslining motherf*ckers like Steven Seagal”.  Pun had the ability to blend complex rhymes, an extensive vocabulary, and an at times dark sense of humor that put him a cut above his peers.  Not only could he go toe to toe with some of the best MCs, he also did every chance he got, from working with Black Thought and Prodigy on his own album to throwing his hat into the ring for classic group tracks like Noreaga’s “Banned From TV” and Fat Joe’s “John Blaze”.  I hold to my theory that wack rappers live forever, while the great ones are often taken too soon.  Pun’s no exception, as he was literally just warming up when he passed away.  Rest in peace from Front-Free.

You Ain’t A Killa x Big Pun

Joell Ortiz speaks on Big Pun

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10 Years Later: The Legendary Pun

New heat from Big Punisher featuring powerhouses Joell Ortiz and Style P.  I’ve been thinking that during a month that marks the 10th anniversary of Pun’s passing, I swear I’d kill twenty of today’s lame-*ss rappers just to bring back Pun, who kicks one of the meanest verses I’ve heard from him, while Styles and Joell come off like the only two current MCs who could have even got on the same track with the heavyweight.  Enjoy!

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