Clipped On :: Blood Orange f. Despot


Because I do what I want, I’m posting this Blood Orange track from 2013 like it’s brand new…because to me, it is. I’m also posting it because I’m a huge fan of Queens rapper Despot, who’s released only a handful of verses in the several years he’s been around. It sucks being a fan of someone so reclusive, since no one ever knows who you’re talking about and none of his stuff can be easily located on Spotify. Either way, this feature on Blood Orange’s Cupid Deluxe album is quite the treat, pairing Despot’s intricate but rapid-fire flow with Devonté Hynes’ bizarre vocals and mellow groove.

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House Of Bricks :: Despot


Though this song isn’t new to me, it’s still good to finally see a solo effort from Despot on iTunes all official-like.  Hopefully, this means a solo project is in the works because his previous solo joints like “Look Alive” and spots of genius on other artists’ songs are evidence of an MC that more people need to know about.  UPDATE: Catch the video below.

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House Made Of Bricks x Despot


This dropped last year and I was sleeping.  Despot (pronounced “Des-SPOT”) rocks live on KEXP (which I wasn’t hip to before, but I’m in the process) over a beat by Ratatat, who he’s supposed to be getting to produce his much-anticipated album.  “House Made Of Bricks” is a song you’ll come to realize has nothing to do with fairy tales at all.

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[Get Familiar] Despot


Usually when I do a “Get Familiar” post, it’s about a brand new artist on the come-up.  I’ve decided to do it differently today for a very different MC in hopes that more people being aware of his talent might inspire him to put out a more consistent product.  Queens, New York MC Alec Reinstein, better known as Despot, has been rapping for approximately 17 years, performing in the New York rap scene, putting out the occasional track, and most recently supplying random features to the likes of El-P, Das Racist, Meyhem Lauren and Mr. MFN Exquire.  Anyone with half a brain can listen to Despot and tell the guy’s got both a razor-sharp wit and a dark sense of humor, but it’s his concise yet rapid-fire delivery that is the initial draw.  Despot’s apparently got some projects on the horizon as of last year although he’s a self-described lazy MC in terms of work ethic, so here’s to shaking the vending machine hoping for more product.  

Get Rich Or Try Dying x Despot

Look Alive x Despot

BONUS (uh…NSFW): The Last Huzzah x Mr. MFN Exquire f. Despot, Das Racist, Danny Brown & El-P

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