6 O’Clock Briefing :: Billy Danze


Taking a final opportunity to get a message across to the first and probably last U.S. President who’s ever intentionally listened to an M.O.P. record, Billy Danze steps up to the mic and delivers a record with political aims, speaking on a number of issues. As I once predicted, it looks like it’s gonna take something as unsettling as the crack epidemic to get rappers to start making music with some nutritional value to it. And here it is. While establishing the appropriate level of respect for the HNIC, Danze addresses the points a lot of us wish deep down Obama would do more to combat in his last days in office, but don’t want to be seen as critics of the man. But if you can count on anybody to lace up the Timbs and go at the powers that be, it’s the Mash Out Posse. Salute.


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[Vintage Goods] Blood Sweat & Tears x M.O.P.


Hardcore duo M.O.P. is known for the stomp-em-out anthems, but “Blood, Sweat & Tears”, over a smooth Stevie Wonder sample, was a surprisingly mellow (for them) addition to the score for the movie Belly.  You might recognize it from the drug raid scene where the guy in the bucket hat gets shot in the car while trying to flee the police.  Some nice one-liners here such as “without the guidance of our fathers all we know is how to double-clutch revolvers”.  Rhyme, meet reason.

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