Hollow :: Mark de Clive-Lowe f. Nia Andrews

Nia Andrews Mark de CliveLowe

Songstress Nia Andrews joins pianist/DJ/producer Mark de Clive-Lowe for a soulful single off of his album Church.

“Once again featuring Nia Andrews’ soul-seeking songwriting and vocals, ‘Hollow’ tells the story of loss of faith, and loss of belief. It’s a feeling of hopeless emptiness that we can all probably relate to on some level – while in the meantime the musical composition meets the pain with a sense of hope and renewal… After Nia’s final words, I live-sample all of us playing and flip that into the outro beat, remixing the composition on the fly.”

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[New] The Lovers x Nia Andrews


Happy Valentine’s Day to the lovebirds.  Whether you’re in love with love or bitter and jaded about this holiday, if you’re here at Front-Free, then chances are you like good music.  I held onto this joint for a few days just to release it today.  Nia Andrews drops “The Lovers” as a precursor to the upcoming Colours EP.  Be sure to check out her website as well.  Peace.

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