Think B.I.G. :: 18 Years Later


Though many of us may not remember much of Canibus’ body of solo work, we can remember the line “the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th” with reference to Christopher Wallace, aka The Notorious B.I.G., aka Biggie Smalls.  Beloved in hip-hop for dropping some of the smoothest singles right alongside some of the hardest street bangers, B.I.G. can never be forgotten, to say the least.  I could say a lot more, but I’d rather let the music speak for me and for his memory.  Shout out to 2DopeBoyz for the mixtape!

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[Vintage Goods] One More Chance :: The Notorious B.I.G.


March 9th marks the day we lost one of the greatest MCs of all time.  While young’ins may either not acknowledge his title or just agree out of obligation, this song among many others proves why B.I.G. was so dope.  Biggie was able to make undeniable jams that went from the streets to the radio to the clubs effortlessly, without sacrificing an iota of artistry.  Part of this is of course due to Puffy’s guidance and creative direction (like it or not) but many artists could stand to learn from Biggie’s ability to appeal both as a likeable, humorous MC on tracks like this and as a threatening menace on other tracks.  There’s just no denying Big’s mastery of the game, from his ability to market himself to the mainstream down to his ability to hold it down as a formidable MC in a freestyle situation.  Rest in power to Christopher Wallace.

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Vintage Goods: Flava In Your Ear Remix x Craig Mack

That’s cold how they cropped my man out the whole picture right here.

Puff Daddy was hitting his best just-happy-to-be-here jig throughout this whole video.  This was back when a Puff Daddy assist on a track lended a unique energy and before people blamed Sean Combs for every artist on Bad Boy who ever failed.  The fact is, especially during the time this remix came out, a single track from Bad Boy’s goldmine could change your life forever and get you heard by people who wouldn’t care otherwise.  The fact that Craig Mack was given a lineup of LL Cool J, Rampage, Busta Rhymes and last but not least The Notorious B.I.G. is almost payment enough.  “Flava In Your Ear (Remix)” is one of those remixes that make you forget the original song altogether.  Classic verses on here.

“…Don’t be mad, UPS is hiring…”  Shade.

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Think B.I.G.: The Notorious XX Project by wait what


It feels like it’s been ages since Christopher Wallace left us, yet his influence is still very prevalent in hip-hop and the world at large.  Most recently, we’ve heard his voice on the (arguably wack) Biggie Duets project, seen him on the big screen in the film Notorious, and heard new life breathed into an old verse on the very recent “Angels” by Dirty Money.  Charlie Kubal, 24, (recording under the name “wait what”) capably adds a fresh perspective to your Biggie memories with his project, The Notorious XX, which mixes classic Notorious B.I.G. joints with the unique production style of wait what (Kubal).  From the intro, a mix of “Dead Wrong” with a surprisingly-contrasting (but it works), almost ethereal backdrop, you know you’re about to get into some next-level sh*t.  It’s different without being pretensious and it pays homage while adding in a completely fresh sound.  The Notorious XX adds and does not subtract, sparks nostalgia while inspiring one to spark other things while still being progressive, and delivers on all fronts. 

 “I’ve been a Biggie fan since I was eleven,” says Kubal, bringing up some of his own Biggie nostalgia.  “I saw the video for Mo Money Mo Problems, and was hooked. I had a tape recorder that I held up to the screen and hit record when they started the video, so the first couple hundred times I heard the track it had the voiceover of Puffy at the golf tournament that they had in the video — I finally got the CD single, and had no idea before that that wasn’t actually part of the song”.  Kubal is from San Francisco originally and attended Columbia, where he moonlighted producing and recording hip-hop.  He’s currently inspired by a wide range of music from underground hip-hop to indie rock.  

For your downloading pleasure and to learn more about wait what, visit and become a fan of wait what on Facebook here.

the notorious xx by wait what


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