DOOMSAYER By MF DOOM (Produced By Alchemist)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to post last week’s DOOM release (“True Lightyears”, featuring Jay Electronica) from his Missing Notebook Rhymes series on account of that flute being absolutely unbearable. However, one thing about DOOM is that you can expect something different every time, especially when it comes to production. On the ominously- and aptly-titled “DOOM”, the enigmatic MC links with Alchemist for a record that makes true heads hunger for a DOOM/ALC collaborative project (MAD ALCHEMY? Come on, man. Please.)…because this, though really good, will not be enough.



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Rapper’s Best Friend 4 (An Instrumental Series) :: The Alchemist

The Alchemist is one of few hip-hop producers that really manage to nail the concept of an instrumental album every time. If the previous joints in this series weren’t an indication, then try out some of his other instrumental albums like Retarded Alligator Beats and Israeli Salad, which focused less on beats to rap over and more on stand-alone records, minus any vocal performances. Either way, this newest offering should provide some dope freestyle fodder or at minimum, something to play at work.

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With My Soul :: The Alchemist & Budgie f. Action Bronson, Aston Matthews & J. Rocc


I get what The Alchemist is trying to do by trying to build excitement around the purchased physical CD again, but I highly doubt making people wait for a physical disc to ship in 2014 and charging $38 for a double album and G-pen is going to make an impact.  It will just make people not buy it.  What if you don’t want the G-pen?  What if you don’t want a physical disc?  Ultimately, the product is the music itself and you’ve got to respect that user may not care for all the excess or to pay more for it than they did for a double album when Wu-Tang Clan or Biggie did it.  Anyway, until The Good Book is available at a reasonable price (or for free) digitally, Ill just have to rock with this and the other single from it.

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