JAZZ CRIMES (Video) By The Last Artful, Dodgr & Neill Von Tally

The awkward feeling when you feel like you should’ve known about an artist a long ass time ago.

I feel that way about the producer and the rapper here, as “Jazz Crimes” is a single from Bone Music, an EYRST Records collaboration between The Last Artful, Dodgr and Neill Von Tally (2015’s Fractures EP being their first). Portland MC The Last Artful, Dodgr (yes, there’s a comma) is an incredibly unique breath of fresh air while still giving you everything from Missy to Bone Thugs to ODB energy at the drop of a dime, and that’s just on this song. Songs like “Foreclosure” reveal her to be a capable MC who can also sing…pretty damn well, too. Get familiar if you’re not.

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Neutral :: Cryface Jordan


First, we have to acknowledge the obvious: any group that would name themselves after the greatest Internet meme of all time deserves at least one spin. The mysterious Cryface Jordan is a group that is trying to shed some light on gender neutrality with the aptly named “Neutral”. At first listen, I couldn’t really hone in on the subject matter and what they were trying to say, but it is a smooth ride either way. Enjoy.


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Just Nice :: Sauce Money


I stumbled across this record while looking for another Sauce Money song from the 1990s and while this one dropped two years ago, the bars on this thing are absolutely vicious. There’s nothing more frustrating than a rapper who’s nice enough to sit back and collect residuals from ghostwriting gigs but who’s still hungry enough to drop an excellent record every couple of years. Give us an album, Sauce Muthafuckin’!

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