Double Pedigree :: Ingrid


Rapper/singer Ingrid’s H-Town bounce isn’t your typical ride. Though she was once a neighbor to the Knowles family, it was never a relationship she expected to get anything out of, according to her recent interview for Elle. However, her influence on Bey’s more recent music can be heard ever since she was asked to collaborate on 2013’s Beyoncé, which eventually turned into her signing to the diva’s Parkwood Entertainment imprint.

“Double Pedigree” is a great introduction into the mind of the artist and what I imagine she wants to make available to young listeners who want and need powerful voices to ring out in hip-hop with something of substance to say behind the bravado and beats. Starting with Dutch Rebelle and now with Ingrid, Front-Free is really looking at upcoming female MCs to set the trend and make rap an open forum for powerful young women who also get busy on the mic, because male or female…bars matter…but most importantly, women have been an integral part of hip-hop culture from the beginning and unfortunately, they face an uphill battle toeing the line between being taken seriously and being asked to portray certain images that may not be what they’re about. Big salute to women on the mic.

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