Pocket Full Of Ohms [Mixtape] :: Allen Poe


Allen Poe, one third of Kentucky rap group Basement Up, gives us his solo album, available free from DJBooth.  “Pocket Full Of Ohms” is a definite play on UGK’s classic “Pocket Full Of Stones”, but when asked what the fvck is an ohm? in reference to the title, the man broke down the science to me firsthand:

Thanks for checking it out.  An ohm is what restricts an electrical current so it doesn’t overload an electronic device, like an amp for a speaker.  It basically restricts the full potential of the stream in order to focus it in so it can be productive.    The way it relates to the record is that, what I tried to do was paint a picture that progresses from my early days and experiences with hip hop when it was just about the music and kicking it, up through the late 20s, when responsibilities (kids, wife, job etc) were thrown in.  As a kid it was all about the music, the responsibilities in my life were like the ohms, so while they restricted some of that hip hop experience as a youth (partying, girls, just rhyming etc) they wound up focusing and directing me into being a more productive artist.

Knowledge born.  Check it out and download below.

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